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We delve deep into your world and work with you every step of the way to create a customized service plan. We strive to create a team that works with your needs. We believe that successful companies are connected companies. When you are connected with our team you have better insights, smoother processes, and stronger partner relationships. We embody positive, can-do attitudes to achieve project milestones in accordance with helping the AX Dynamics space.


When the very essence of your business is on the line, a person who ‘gets you’ as a Finance leader is a critical teammate. Our Solutions Architects will guide your teams to optimal solutions, using the correct tools for the job.


Hire a subject matter expert for your business software needs. Our Functional Consultants are certified to implement specific business systems, performing the requisite requirements gathering, fit-gap analysis, business process analysis, documentation, testing, training, and more.


Our company culture is built one cohort of junior consultants at a time. We scour a broad array of educational backgrounds to find exceptionally brilliant talent. The primary traits that we search for are impeccable integrity and a relentless motor. After intense training, shadowing, mentoring, and certification, these budding SMEs bring serious value to your project.


For full implementations and complex integrations, there’s no substitute for an elite technical architect. Our highly skilled Technical Architects save you time and money with wisdom that can only be achieved by years of experience.


Whether your project needs help with system administration, software development, or enterprise architecture – our team of Technical Consultants establish proactive technical leadership, contribute on Day 1, and deliver on the dates that we promise.


Caf2Code LLC is, unsurprisingly, a coders’ company. We tune each process to maximize the amount of time our developers spend in their Flow State of Mind. A great software development team must draw from a deep well of prolific software production, and that all starts with the passion and drive that our entry-level tech gurus bring to the table.


When it comes to Project Management, it’s all about trust. How do we build trust? By delivering: on-time, under budget, and as-promised, over and over. Our Senior Project Managers know how to navigate complexity, mitigate risk, and win the day.


At the core, our Project Managers are consummate professionals in Customer Service. They understand the value of goodwill, the importance of our clients’ deadlines, and how relationships feed into project outcomes. If your project needs a boost of confidence, look to our PM’s.


Sometimes, we encounter a team with a strong PMO or even a single in-house Project Manager who has it all under control. In these cases, we propose a lower level PM professional to help your staff allocation resources, plan a schedule, and control costs. With a keen eye for efficiencies, Project Coordinators help you keep the ducks quacking in an orderly row.

Our Toolkit

These are a few of our favorite tools

list of microsoft business applications we love: Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI, Azure Data Factory, Power Platform, Azure SQL, Microsoft Azure

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