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we listen

We listen to your needs. Our focus is on delivering solutions that meet business requirements, not boilerplate functionality.

We Focus

We focus on ROI and effort, striving to deliver quick wins and maximize technology investments.

We Build

We build long-term relationships based on trust, communication, and respect. We stick with you throughout the process, from discovery to implementation to support.

We're Adept

We’re adept at rebuilding trust with end-users frustrated by an implementation gone wrong.

We Follow Through

We follow through on our commitments. If we say we’ll do it, we do.

other way vs our Way

Standard Approach

  • ❌ Endless documentation, sign-offs, and questions that never seem to go anywhere.
  • ❌ Constant meetings and touchpoints without actual progress.
  • ❌ Lack of communication when the work is happening.
  • ❌ Low transparency when things go wrong or get delayed.
  • ❌ Focused on funneling solutions into pre-set “boxes” rather than aligning goals and driving business success.

Our Approach

  • ✔️ Drive meaningful conversations to align D365 capabilities with business needs.
  • ✔️ Deliver value with end-users and get it right the first time, every time.
  • ✔️ Focus on your business strategy and goals.
  • ✔️ Collaborate and train end-users on why solutions are chosen and how to use them.

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Our Toolkit

These are a few of our favorite tools

list of microsoft business applications we love: Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI, Azure Data Factory, Power Platform, Azure SQL, Microsoft Azure

polyquest testimonial

Information System Manager for PolyQuest, Colin Greenwell, shares why he works with Caf2Code.

The people

Their team has shown the ability to listen, learn, and understand our challenges & processes and then propose actual solutions.

Turnaround time

They have done a great job of delivering solutions (including development work) in a timely fashion. This is extremely important for an organization like PQ who needed someone to be agile enough to meet our changing business needs.

people collaborating by window on notepads

Ineffective Partner Resources for support, development, and optimization efforts

Our previous partner was very large and we struggled to have consistent and effective resources in support and optimization efforts. Our previous partner was a large organization and we would often have to re-explain minor customizations/business processes/etc. multiple times as new resources were assigned to our tickets. This was major inefficiency for us, even more so given our lean IT department.

Caf2Code has been able to deliver consistent resources throughout our engagement. Additionally, they have done a great job of knowledge sharing between the team to reduce any re-explanation from PQ’s end. Both have allowed Caf2Code to really understand PQ unique business processes and effectively/efficiently close our support tickets and develop optimization efforts.

Inventory Costing Methodology and Reporting 

Caf2Code has done a great job explaining the various costing models, identifying the option that fits our business, implementing that change in production, and then delivering on inventory costing reporting. Most of those problems are fixed now, and we only have a few minor reporting issues to fix/optimize.

Overall, PQ now has a more appropriate costing methodology setup in our system and then a much deeper understanding of how D365 is calculating/recalculating the inventory cost.

two women working together on computers
laptop with financial dashboard display

Inaccurate reports and data across Power BI reports pulling from our Data Warehouse 

Caf2Code has solved this. They have helped us in completely reimplementing our Data Warehouse, re-develop our reports, and effectively train our team internally to manage this in the future

The caf2code press

Our consultants love to share what they’ve learned—check out their latest insights on our blog!

Dynamics 365 Dual Write Overview

Dynamics 365 Dual Write Overview

Do you ever feel like your business is on separate tracks? Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations on one side. CE applications on the other. Manually transferring data between these systems can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. But what if there was a way to combine these apps? It would create a unified experience for your teams and a full view of your customer journey. Introducing Dynamics 365 Dual Write

Dynamics 365 Finance Feature Management

Dynamics 365 Finance Feature Management

Feature management in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform is one of the most powerful yet often overlooked benefits of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Microsoft constantly adds robust and evolving solutions to these platforms, but they often go unnoticed. In fact, you might spend time and resources on a custom solution, only to discover a hidden feature that solves your problem perfectly.

How to Use Power BI Drillthrough

How to Use Power BI Drillthrough

Today, we’re going to explore one of the most powerful features in Power BI: drillthrough. This feature is a game-changer when it comes to data exploration and storytelling. So, let’s get started!

Drillthrough is a feature in Power BI that allows you to create a focused, detailed page for a single entity—like a customer, product, or location. Imagine you have a summary page that shows sales data by region. After developing an understanding of what details a report user regularly needs to review, a report designer can create a drillthrough target page that users can easily navigate to based on what region is selected from a visual on that summary page. This added design feature allows a report user to easily right-click on a specific region to navigate to a more detailed page that provides insights specific to that region. It’s like having a magnifying glass that lets you zoom in on specific aspects of your data for a more granular view.

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